Succulents, Plants & Terraniums

Fun Succulents


SUCCULENTS are fun and easy to grow. They make great novelty and birthday gifts! Succulents are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance, as well as their ability to thrive with relatively minimal care.

Novelty Gifts

Zebra cactus

Many plant families have multiple succulents found within them; over 25 plant habitats of these water preserving plants are often in areas with high temperatures and low rainfall, such as deserts. 

Minimal Care


The three most important requirements are bright, indirect light, 65 degrees or warmer. Succulents have the ability to thrive on limited water sources, such as mist and dew. They can go months without water. 


Jade Plant


Easy to care for succulent house plant. Requires medium light. 

Mason Pothos


Easy to grow Pothos plant. Pothos can be grown in soil or/and water. Clip pieces and share with your friends!

Antherium Heart


One of our favorite house plants. Easy to grow, low light and heart shaped leaves. What a beauty!