Air Plants & Terraniums

Fun Teraniums

AIR PLANTS or Tillandsia are the largest genus in the bromeliad family. They make great novelty, cool and birthday gifts! 

Novelty Gifts

There are over 500 species of air plants and they are native to the southern United States, Mexico, Central and South America. Varieties are found from sea level to high mountain ranges in jungles and arid desert climates.

Minimal Care

 The three most important requirements are bright, indirect sunlight, good air circulation and water.   


Jade Plant


Easy to care for succulent house plant. Requires medium light. 

Mason Pothos


Easy to grow Pothos plant. Pothos can be grown in soil or/and water. Clip pieces and share with your friends!

Antherium Heart


One of our favorite house plants. Easy to grow, low light and heart shaped leaves. What a beauty!

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